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Black Rio Immersion
carnival roots + walking tour

Rio de Janeiro

4 hours

Group Size:
Up to 7 people

ticket + water

Uncover Rio's Untold Story: A Walking Tour Through the Port Zone and Downtown


Embark on a journey through time as we explore Rio's Port Zone and Downtown, a historic area that served as the entry point for many Africans over centuries. While the site played a significant role in the transatlantic slave trade, this tour chooses to focus on the immense contributions of African people to Rio's vibrant society and culture.


As you wander along the streets, keep an eye out for beautiful and colorful street art, perfect for capturing on camera. The tour culminates with a glimpse into the heart of Rio's Carnival, a celebration deeply rooted in African heritage. It's a chance to celebrate the enduring legacy of African traditions and cultural expressions in modern-day Rio!

This is a walking tour. Wear comfortable. 

meeting point: Cidade do Samba Port Zone. This is a central neighborhood, make sure you are on the right place! 
Click here to see the meeting point on Maps.

included: ticket + water 

  • USD 100,00 private

  • USD 70,00 2-3 people - per person

  • USD 60,00 4-7 people - per person

* prices are subject to change


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