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Travel the Diaspora Brazil from your home. We curate virtual experiences in different cities. 


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Carnaval Experience

Get to know the backstage of the biggest party in Brazil: the carnival. This interactive experience is truly amazing!

Tour Price $ 120 -  up to 7 people  

Duration: 1 hour 


Virtual Travel

Rio African Heritage

Milions of Africans were forcibly 

brought to Brazil, on this tour you'll learn about the untold history of Little Africa region in Rio and its heritage.

Tour Price: $ 80 - up to 7 people

Duration: 1.5 hour  

Image by Nate Greno

Virtual Travel

Percussion Workshop

Brazil is a musical place, so you should join to learn the language of the drums through an engaging percussion workshop. 

Tour Price $ 80 - up to 5 people

Duration: 1 hour 


Virtual Travel

Samba Workshop

It's impossible to think Brazil without Samba. It's time to shake your body. You will have a samba class with special Carnival dancers.

Tour Price: $ 100 - up to 5 people

Duration: 1 hour 


Virtual Travel

Caipirinha Class

Few things can describe better the brazilian spirit than caipirinha. Learn the secrets to prepare the most authentic Brazilian cocktail. Saúde!

Tour Price $ 80 - up to 5 people

Duration: 1.5 hour 


Virtual Travel

Portuguese Classes

Go deeper and learn a new language. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Vamos lá?

On request

On request

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