Eye Birds:
hang gliding

Rio de Janeiro


2,5 hours

Group Size:

Up to 5 people


Transfer from meeting point to the ramp, flight, photos, fees, video and equipment rentals.

the experience

Experience the thrill of hanggliding over beauty of Rio de Janeiro! Take off with an instructor and enjoy the purest form of flight, gliding the incredible scenery such as Tijuca Forest, Bonita Stone, Two Brothers Stone, Barra Beach, São Conrado Beach and something else that seen from the top on a hang gliding flight can awaken. With the flight you will carry in your luggage emotions that you can share with friends and family in the footage made with a Go Pro installed in the hang gliding.

First you will need to fill out and sign the insurance terms at the Hang Gliding Club. After that, customers will go with pilot to the mountain top by car. Once at the ramp, after a 15 minutes drive, you'll go through some safety instructions with the pilot, then line up at the ramp. After the take off, flight and landing, you will wait for the photos and video to be uploaded, at a kiosque on the beach. The process takes 15 to 30 minutes, while you wait refresh yourself with a coconut water o an açai bowl. Click the FAQ bottom to check weight limit for flight.

keep in mind

meeting point

Ave. Prefeito Mendes de Morais - São Conrado Beach. Check it here.


Transfer from meeting point to the ramp, flight, photos, video, ramp acces fee and equipment rentals.

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