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Afro Trip

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how about visiting incredible places in Brazil?

Futebol de praia

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As sons of Africa living in Brazil,  

our mission is to connect travelers from other countries to the soul of the diaspora in Brazil, through curated experiences that bring a sense of community and create long-term relashionships.


Everything started in 2016, our initial idea was helping travelers to discover the diaspora Brazil, as traditional travel agencies don't do. In 2022,  our decision to rebranding was crucial, as a brand operating with people from different countries in the world, we needed to create something that would be recognised for all.


Beyond the experiences curated, we source original digital content, to help people who want to be educated about our diaspora, as Business, Economy, Travel, Life Style and Trends all in one place.

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Image by Eugene Kuznetsov

birthday celebration

Have you though how would it be to celebrate your Bday in Brazil? We make it real! Unique experiences as your uniqueness!

Beber em automóvel de luxo

luxury experiences

Starting from exotic cruising, fine food, helicopter tours to witnessing the wilderness. In Brazil exists a vast array of once-in-a-life-experiences.


black rio immersion

Despite the site was a slavery trade, the experience aims to highlight the immense contribuition of Africans to Rio de Janeiro society.

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São Paulo

São Paulo

Tourism in the city of São Paulo is much more than just business tourism, with many cultural options, including a pulsating nightlife, Sampa attracts visitors from all over the world. 

Image by Sébastien Jermer



Maceió is a modern city set on a truly beautiful beachfront. The vivid, emerald-hued water laps the sands that are lined with palms and brightly painted jangadas (traditional sailboats). Ummissable


road trip: Rio's best beaches

Cabo Frio

One of the favorite vacay destinations among Brazilians, the Lakes Region is a group of coastal cities located 170km from Rio de Janeiro city: famous because of its crystal clear waters & white sands.