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passion for celebrating the Afro-Brazilian journey and heritage.

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our mission

Our mission at AfroTrip Brazil is to propel black travel by connecting travelers from around the world to the essence and culture of Afro-Brazil, providing unique and meaningful experiences.


In 2016, our journey began with the intention of assisting travelers in uncovering the diverse history of black culture in Brazil. The mission started after a sabatic 03 months trip of the founder, Carina Santos. As a solo black traveler she decided to create something new in Brazil. Since then, we have successfully connected with over 500 travelers, with a majority being individuals of black descent. We extend a warm welcome to travelers from all corners of the globe, as we strongly believe in the importance of supporting the black travel movement and its transformative impact.


In addition to curating experiences, we also source content to educate people and companies interested in learning about Brazilian culture. We have been fortunate to collaborate with many brands and individuals, including those within the African American community.

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honeymoon trips


Is there any holiday more infused with romance and love than the honeymoon? It is a time to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter, a time to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. For this is not just a vacation, it is a time to truly connect and bond with your partner in a way that is unparalleled. Embrace the magic of the honeymoon and let your love shine bright as you embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure together.

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Essence of Afro-Brazil


Embark on a soul-stirring journey through the Brazil's rich black history with our travel guide. Feel the heartbeat of a culture steeped in tradition and resilience as you immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of the biggest country in South America. Join us on this transformative adventure and learn more about  the black community, untold stories, black owned business  that define Brazil's as a destination for cultural heritage. Let your spirit soar as you connect with the essence of a nation that has shaped history and inspired generations. Dare to explore, dare to learn, dare to be moved by the beauty and power of Brazil's black history. Join us on this extraordinary travel experience and let your heart be forever changed.

Image by Nareeta Martin

multiple cities


Are you prepared to embark on the most extraordinary adventure travel of your life in Brazil? From the awe-inspiring Amazon Forest and the lively Rio de Janeiro to the cultural gems of Salvador da Bahia and the exquisite vineyards, Brazil beckons with an array of unforgettable travel experiences just waiting to be explored. Together, let's create lasting memories that will leave us breathless and in awe of the beauty and magic that Brazil has to offer. Get ready to be swept away on a journey of a lifetime.

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Sugar Loaf Mountain - Afrotrip Brasil

Rio de Janeiro:
04 days

Rio de Janeiro is such an awesome city! It's got everything you could possibly want - amazing beaches, lush rainforests, cool nightlife, and tons of Afro-Brazilian culture and history. It's the perfect spot for anyone to visit, especially if you're traveling solo or if you're a black woman.

Black Woman from Bahia

Salvador da Bahia: 4 Days 

Salvador da Bahia is lit with Afro-Brazilian vibes, has beaches with beautiful turquoise waters, and wows with its vibrant colonial charm. It's the perfect spot to celebrate black culture and history! A must-visit for anyone, especially for a black person looking to connect with their roots.

Image by Deb Dowd

Amazon Forest:
06 days 

Hey nature enthusiasts! Come check out the amazing Amazon - with its beautiful rainforests, unique wildlife, and epic adventures just waiting for you. Leave behind the distractions of your electronic device and immerse yourself in the true essence of this natural wonder. Disconnect from the chaos of modern life to truly connect with the breathtaking sights and sounds of this national geographic treasure. The Amazon is calling - will you answer?

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