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afro trip
Esadarias Selarón
Moqueca de camarão
Vista aérea do Rio de Janeio
Centro histórico


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our mission

As sons of Africa living in Brazil,  

our mission is connecting our community from other countries to the soul of the diaspora in Brazil, through curated experiences that bring a sense of belonging.


Everything started in 2016, our initial idea was helping travelers to discover the diaspora Brazil, as traditional travel agencies don't do. In 2022,  our decision to rebrand was crucial, as a brand operating with people from different countries,  we needed to create something that would be recognized for all, so afrotrip was born.


Beyond the experiences curated, we source content, to help people and companies that want to be educated about our Brazilian culture.


we plan everything,
you just go.
new destinations

Image by mimi lalaa

honeymoon trips


Could there be a more romantic holiday than the honeymoon? For this reason it really requires thoughtful planning and a well-padded budget.

Image by Cristina Hernández

birthday trips


have you though how would it be to celebrate your Birthday in Brazil? We make it real! Unique experiences as your uniqueness!

Image by Nareeta Martin

multiple cities


Amazon Forest + Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia + Vineyards? In Brazil exists a vast array of once-in-a-life-experiences.


travel your way
experience the new. 
new tours

Image by Nigel SB Photography

black Salvador

Black Salvador outing takes you to the heart of Brazil's African Diaspora.You will be led to an enlightned walk beyond the history of slavery.

Image by Andrea Zignin

sunset sailboat Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy some of the most spectacular sights in the world from a different point of view: sailing around Rio de Janeiro. Our guests love it!


black Rio immersion

Despite the site was a slavery trade, the experience aims to highlight the immense contribuition of Africans to Rio de Janeiro society.

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