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The sounds of Africa living in  Brazil,   our mission is to connect travelers to the soul of the diaspora in Brazil, through curated experiences that bring a sense of community and create long-term relationships.


Black Travelers was founded in 2016, to help travelers to discover the diaspora Brazil, as traditional travel agencies don't do. The founder, Carina Santos, was one of the pioneers in Brazil to spread the word about  Afrocentric travels.

Today, the Black Travelers team is present in the main  regions, revealing the rich culture  of the largest black population outside Africa.


Beyond the experiences curated,  we source  original digital content, help people who want to be educated about our diaspora, as Business, Economy, Travel, Life Style and Trends all in one place.

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Sao Paulo

Tourism in the city of São Paulo is much more than just business tourism, with many cultural options, including a pulsating nightlife, Sampa attracts visitors from all over the world. 

Image by Nigel SB Photography



Maceió is a modern city set on a truly beautiful beachfront. The vivid, emerald-hued water laps the sands that are lined with palms and brightly painted rafts (traditional sailboats). ummissable

Image by Nareeta Martin


Cabo Frio

One of the favorite vacay destinations among Brazilians, the Lakes Region is a group of coastal cities located 170km from Rio de Janeiro city: famous because of its crystal clear waters & white sands.


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Sugar Loaf Mountain - Afrotrip Brasil

Rio de Janeiro:
04 days

Rio de Janeiro is such an awesome city! It's got everything you could possibly want - amazing beaches, lush rainforests, cool nightlife, and tons of Afro-Brazilian culture and history. It's the perfect spot for anyone to visit, especially if you're traveling solo or if you're a black woman.

Black Woman from Bahia

Salvador da Bahia: 4 Days 

Salvador da Bahia is lit with Afro-Brazilian vibes, has beaches with beautiful turquoise waters, and wows with its vibrant colonial charm. It's the perfect spot to celebrate black culture and history! A must-visit for anyone, especially for a black person looking to connect with their roots.

Image by Deb Dowd

Amazon Forest:
06 days 

Hey nature enthusiasts! Come check out the amazing Amazon - with its beautiful rainforests, unique wildlife, and epic adventures just waiting for you. Leave behind the distractions of your electronic device and immerse yourself in the true essence of this natural wonder. Disconnect from the chaos of modern life to truly connect with the breathtaking sights and sounds of this national geographic treasure. The Amazon is calling - will you answer?

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