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Beach Adventure :
parasail + beach club

Salvador da Bahia


Group Size:
Up to 7 people

transportation, flight, fees & welcome drink 

The Rio Vermelho cultural experience provides an exclusive opportunity to learn more about this cultural side of the City of Hapiness. Rio Vermelho means Red River, is home to several independent restaurants, beach clubs and entertainment venues.As such, the Rio Vermelho offers range cultural events that takes place at the weekends. With all its offerings, Red River has proved to be a popular destination for locals and international tourists.


This is a walking tour. Wear comfortable. 

meeting point: Largo de Santana

included: ticket, snacks, water


  • USD 100,00 - private

  • USD 65,00  - 2-3 people - per person

  • USD 50,00  - 4-7 people - per person

* prices are subject to change

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