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Afro Market:



3 hours

Group Size:

Up to 7 people

typical lunch  + water

Salvador da Bahia

More than a new a popular postcard from Salvador, the São Joaquim is also a place to be rediscovered. Here, the vocation of popular commerce inherited from the old street market with the presence of residents and tourists coexist harmoniously. The largest and busiest Market in town is also a pulsating centre for adherents of AfroBrazilian religions as Candomblé and Umbanda to buy materials to be used on rituals and celebrations. Come and find a diversity of fruits, vegetables, meat, animals, seafood,crafts at good price, quality while enjoy the beautiful view to the Itaparica Island.

This is a walking inside of a busy market, there is a more modern part, revitalized few years ago and the old area where we pass through narrow streets, so, wear confortable! We think on you: bathroom stop is planned! Brazilians love to see people like them, so don't worry if on the way someone smiles, greets or speaks with you, it's all about admiration.


meeting point: the guide will be waiting fot your at the main entrance, close to the Fish Market - the yellow building. Click here and make sure you are on the right place.

included: typical lunch & water.


  • USD 100,00   -  private / one person

  • USD 70,00   -  2-3 people per person

  • USD 55,00   -  4-7 propõe per person

  • *prices are subject to change

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