Favela Beach

4 hours

Group Size:

Up to 7 people

welcome drink + snack  + taxi boat

Salvador da Bahia

the experience

This unconventional favela tour pretends to change the idea of seeing a favela as a place where poor people living in. We invite you to come for a genuíne experience of connection with locals! How? Spending the day at a beach inside of a community! Get to know how locals hang out, how they appreciate having good moments. We may learn many lessons from them.

keep in mind

It's a Beach Day, bring your kit:bikinis, sunscreen, flipflops, sunglass! Brazilians love to see people like them, so don't worry if on the way someone smiles, greets or speaks with you, it's all about admiration.

welcome drink+ snack + taxi boat


meeting point

The guide will be waiting fot your at the main entrance,in front of the Modern Art Museum .