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Brazilian Food: typical food to try

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brazilian food
brazilian food

Brazil's diverse cuisine is a delicious blend of influences from indigenous South American ingredients, African flavors, and European recipes. Its diversity represents one of the main aspects of Brazilian cultural identity.Behind the food, there is a history which translates the traditions and knowledge of a community or territory.  Nominated for the World Travel Awards (WTA), considered the Oscar of tourism, as the Best Gastronomic Destination in South America 2024, the Brazilian national cuisine is also a tourist attraction, it is Brazil's iIntangible heritage and conquers the most refined palates around the world. 

As a huge country, each region has its own typical food. It's helpful to know that Moqueca, for example,  is a typical food in  Bahia,  not at all in São  Paulo. For those who want to explore the flavors of Brazil my recommendation is planning the itinerary according to the  food you want to eat. To make it easier, here are some must-try dishes from various regions of Brazil:


feijoada food
brazilian food feijoada

Even though this dish can be found all over the country, it is in Rio de Janeiro that Feijoada is the real typical food.  This hearty black bean stew is cooked with various cuts of pork and served with rice, farofa (toasted cassava flour), kale, and orange slices. In the city of Rio, Fridays are considered the Feijoada day, the dish is also popular during cultural festivities as Festa de São Jorge on april 21st, Carnival,  and in the monthly parties that the Samba Schools organize. I believe Feijoada became famous because this is the real  brazilians cook at home. It represents the Brazilian national food, as football represents the national sport, as samba represents the national rhythm.  

Feijão Tropeiro

In the neighbor State of Rio, Minas Gerais is where you find a delicious dish called Feijão tropeiro. Delicious, Yummi! This is a traditional Brazilian Food dish made with beans, pork, bacon, torresmo,  kale and farinha de mandioca (toasted cassava flour), and eggs. It is a hearty and flavorful dish that is often served as a side dish or main course.It sounds similar to feijoada, but it`s not. Even though this meal is not popular all over Brazil, it is the popular dish of Minas Gerais State, which is one of the biggest States in Brazil, known for its great variety of dishes, a perfect destination for those who love to eat. 


moqueca from Bahia
brazilian food moqueca

Leaving Minas Gerais behind is time to travel to the northeast side, more specifically  to the State of Bahia to talk about Moqueca. This fragrant seafood stew features fish, shrimp, shellfish or lobster cooked in a flavorful coconut milk broth with tomatoes, onions, peppers,  herbs and the secret of this stew is the palm oil - dênde - giving the food an explosion of colors and flavors. It's traditionally served over rice. Again, Friday is the typical day for Bahian food, which includes moqueca and other options such as vatapá, caruru.

Baião de Dois

Still in the Northeast State, This brazilian food hearty rice dish is cooked with black beans, slices of beef or jerky, manteiga de garrafa (ghee), curd cheese that`` typical cheese from this region of Brazil and coriander. This is delicious!


Going to the north side, we reach the mystical Amazon Forest. The region is known to be home of many indigenous tribes and traditions, of course Tacacá has an indigenous root. This flavorful dish is popular in the Amazon and Pará States, it consists of a soup made from tucupi, a liquid extracted from cassava, tapioca gum,  dried shrimp, and jambu (a herb that gives a numbing effect in the mouth). In addition to seasonings, which vary in each state. 


brazilian food
brazilian food churrasco

On the way to the opposite side, let`s go to the South of Brazil to talk about the famous churrasco - barbecue. Although, this gaucho (cowboy) tradition involves grilling various cuts of meat over an open fire, and gave the country reputation for its unique cuts of meats, churrasco is naturally incorporate in the brazilian identity as the way to gather family members, friends around a churrasqueira ( grill ). So, in the South of Brazil is where you find the high quality of process and cuts, where you have the real experience to eat a brazilian well prepared churrasco. Otherside, all over the country, even down in the streets you find churrasco prepared in a faster way with various types of meats that can include chicken and sausages.

Personally, Brazilian food to me is delicious because it is full of flavors, colors, and spices. It's not dry food or one single flavor that represents the country`` gastronomy. Also the diversity of different people, made creativity happen. 

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