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Rio Favela:
cultural tour

5 hours

Group Size:
Up to 7 people

tickets + mototáxi way up

Rio de Janeiro

the experience

Certainly! A favela cultural tour in Rio de Janeiro offers a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant community and learn about its rich culture and history. During the tour, you can experience local music, dance, traditional food, and interact with community members. Our local tour guides partners, often residents of the favelas themselves, provide insight into the everyday life, challenges, and triumphs of the community.

keep in mind

The walking tour tour lasts up to 3hours. Bring suncream, wear comfortable shoes and light clothes.  This tou may be shared with other friendly people. For a private tour, message us.

meeting point Rocinha main entrance - Metro São Conrado Station


  • USD  105,00   -  private /one person

  • USD  70,00   -  2 to 3 people per person

  • USD  60,00    -  4 to 7 people per person​

** prices and availability are subject to change

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