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Santa Teresa:
art &  food

Rio de Janeiro

4 hours

Group Size:
Up to 7 people

welcome drink & snack

Located in the top of Santa Teresa Hill with magnificent views of the city, this charming neighbourhood is the centre of creative energy with a mix of restaurants, bars, cultural centers, clothing boutiques and art galleries. The only Rio's district where the yellow tram passes by. This tour starts at the tram station where the guide will give you a quick explanation about the area before going into this unique ride through the narrow streets immersion of Rio's culture you'll be ready to explore the streets of" Santa " as a local. As you move around, the guide will stop by important sites to take in all cultural life the area has to offer!Santa boasts an abundantly inclusive vibe, which is a must see for everyone.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, because this is a walking tour, including Selaron stairway and little hills. If you like shopping, this tour is for you, in Santa you'll find local handcrafts and souvenirs shops. Note this may be a shared tour with other friendly people. For a private tour, message us.

meeting point: Tram Station Downtown

included: welcome drink + snacks


  • USD  110,00    -  private /one person

  • USD  70,00    -  2 to 3 people per person

  • USD  60,00    -  4 to 7 people per person

** prices and availability are subject to change

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