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Up in the air:

2,5 hours

Group Size:
Up to 7 people

Up in the Air: Parasail

Rio de Janeiro

the experience

Without a doubt, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience when flying with a Parasail in Rio. The tour starts at Marina da Glória, where we leave by boat in search of the most suitable place for the flight, which is decided on the spot, after an analysis of the winds. The takeoff is carried out slowly and gradually, taking you from 50 to 80 meters high. This is all on board the boat specially designed for parasailing. The feeling of freedom is breathtaking. Get a kick out of all the beauty of Rio de Janeiro with a privileged view of the beaches and mountains. In ddition to an unforgettable flight, you will also enjoy a wonderful boat ride.

keep in mind

The boat tour lasts up to 1.h30 and the flight takes 10 minuts. Bring Sunbath, suncream, towels. This is a tour shared with other friendly people. For a private tour, message us.

meeting point Marina da Glória - See the location here

included flight and fees


  • USD     -  consult us for private /one person

  • USD  130,00   -  2 to 3 people per person

  • USD  115,00    -  4 to 7 people per person​

** prices and availability are subject to change

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