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Black travel tips : where to go in Brazil?

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Ah, summertime in Brazil! It's an amazing time to visit, especially with the launch of the first-ever official Afrotourism promotion plan. Discover now how black travels is getting power in Brazil!

The largest country in South America is gaining notoriety as a cultural place to connect with African ancestry.

We all can agree that Brazil is world known for its beaches, carnival and soccer games. In fact, this the trio togheter represents the essence of the country, but that's not all. Brazil is home of the largest black population outside África continent, this truth has been spreaded by black travelers that visit the country and black owned travel agencies that want to introduce a new perspective of traveling to Brazil.

With a total of 27 States, where should you go first to connect with the

afro culture of the fifth largest country in the world?

my answer is: depend of the kind of experience you're looking for, because you could easily spend one whole month in the country embracing its roots. In case you don't have this entire time, don't worry, select a destination below according to your main interest, and you can explore the black history of Brazil:

black women traveling in Salvador Bahia, Brazil
black woman traveling in Salvador, Bahia - Brazil

city vibrancy: immerse yourself in the rich Black culture of cities like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia or São Paulo. Explore historical sites like Little África ( Rio de Janeiro ), Pelourinho ( Salvador ), museums like Museu Afro Brasil ( São Paulo ), and vibrant street art. Get swept away by samba rhythms and capoeira performances. Top choices for black travel Brazil, due its diversity of activities and thing to do.

beach bliss: bask in the sun on picture-perfect beaches like Pajuçara, Alagoas, Itacaré, Bahia and Búzios, Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy watersports like surfing, diving, or catamaran tours. Discover hidden coves and charming fishing villages. States like Bahia, has a huge concentration of black people, so this is the region a black travel would be more interesting for the first time visiting Brazil.

Cataratas Iguazu Falls Brazil, Black Travel
Iguazu Falls, Black Travel Brazil

nature wonder: trek through the lush Amazon rainforest in the north side of the country, witnessing its incredible biodiversity and learning about indigenous cultures. Explore the otherworldly landscapes of Lençóis Maranhenses in the northeast, with its white sand dunes and turquoise lagoons. Hike breathtaking trails in Iguazu National Park, in the south of Brazil, and marvel at the majestic waterfalls.

culinary adventure: indulge in the diverse flavors of Brazilian cuisine, with African influences shining through. Savor seafood stews in Bahia ( moquecas), beans stew (feijoada) in Rio, and succulent barbecue meats everywhere. Don't miss local snacks like coxinha and pão de queijo.

The real Brasil!

visiting the country by new perspectives as black travel, that includes its community is undoubtedly an opportunity to understand why Brasil is so special and unique!

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